The Yampa River Awareness Project’s (YRAP) goals are to:

  • Document the unique resources and values of the wild and free flowing Yampa River.
  • Inform the public and policy makers about these values and what could be lost.
  • Inspire people to protect the Yampa River for future generations.

YRAP is a group of local, state, national and international environmental organizations, businesses and individuals who recognize the unique natural and recreational values of the Yampa and have all pledged their support for maintaining the free flowing nature of the Yampa River for future generations.

Organizations we are working with on this project:

  • American Rivers
  • American Whitewater Association
  • Colorado Environmental Coalition
  • Colorado Outfitters Association
  • Colorado River Outfitters Association
  • Friends of the Yampa
  • International Rivers
  • National Parks Conservation Association
  • Nature Conservancy
  • Rivers Foundation of the Americas
  • Sierra Club
  • Utah Outfitters Association
  • Wilderness Society
  • World Wildlife Fund

This project was organized during the winter of 2006/07. A group of Yampa River advocates and specialists included those from the Rivers Foundation of the Americas came together in hopes of producing a documentary film to educate the public about the Yampa River, its special attributes and current water projects and proposals regarding this river. From today through its inception YRAP has initiated fund-raising and awareness building efforts including: