Harding Hole overlook, Yampa River, CO - Ken Neubecker, American Rivers


Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 3.45.52 PMGoogle Maps in cooperation with American Rivers, O.A.R.S and the Friends of the Yampa, floated the Yampa Canyon thru Dinosaur National Monument in June of 2015 with the Google Street View Trekker camera.  As part of our Yampa River Awareness Project, it was our pleasure to help host this event and bring this technology into the majestic depths of Yampa Canyon.

Google has only taken its Street View Trekker camera down one other river, the mighty Grand Canyon of the Colorado.  We applaud Google’s efforts to help us document, educate and inspire others about the importance of one of the Rocky Mountains West’s wildest remaining rivers.

Harding Hole Overlook - Devin Dotson of American Rivers with Google Street View trekker.JPG 2Click here to goto the Yampa Canyon Street View on Google Maps.

For those of you who have never floated this amazing river canyon, now is your virtual chance to visit one of the wildest rivers in the Colorado River Basin.

PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW and review and hopefully sign this petition to help protect the Yampa!

Some highlights of this Yampa Canyon Street View:
Warm Spring Rapid

Thanksgiving Gorge

Tiger Wall

Confluence of Yampa and Green rivers

Mitten Park Fault Fold

Rapids near Split Mountain, Green River, UT



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